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Zero Proofed

Cozy Cabin Trip Cocktail Kit

Cozy Cabin Trip Cocktail Kit

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This is what a cozy cabin trip feels like.

Celebrate a cozy night in, host a dinner party, or spend a disconnected night in a cabin with this beautifully curated cocktail box, featuring Zero Proofed's curated Pear Ginger Mule - full bodied, bright, and spiced with notes of fennel & citrus.

This cocktail pairs well with savory & spicy curries, noodles, and tacos, soft or sharp cheeses, fatty proteins.

Includes ingredients that make up to 11 cocktails: 

  • A full size Optimist Botanicals Bright Spirit
  • Liquid Alchemist Ginger Syrup 
  • Mixology Guide & Glossary
  • Recipe & Instructions
  • Get Your Sundays Back sticker 
  • Zero Proofed Coasters*
  • Straws*
  • Betty Buzz Ginger Beer* 
  • Pear Puree* 
  • Fresh Lime*
  • Dehydrated Lime*

*Comes with enough to make 4, and then instructions on how to replenish your stock

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