Hi! We're Priyanka & Chirasmita, two sisters from Seattle, WA. We love everything about social drinking ...except the alcohol. Bring on the toasts, the happy hours, the flavors, the wild nights out - but make them booze free. We're dreaming of a world where we drink less booze, have fewer hangovers, live in the present, and create epic memories.

At Zero Proofed, we’re disrupting the booze-free industry by creating zero-proof events and cocktails that make the sober curious lifestyle more accessible. We’re bridging the gap between zero-proof brands and the everyday person by bringing nightlife and hand-crafted 0.0% ABV cocktail recipes to the party. 

We're currently popping up in Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, San Diego & coming to your city soon. We're so happy you're here!


Chirasmita & Priyanka Kompella

Co-Founders of Zero Proofed

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